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1. Sorting

Sort which clothes you want to sell (keep the items you can't sell aside, we've got another solution for those!).

You can sell: Clothing, shoes, accessories, fancy dress, sleepwear, outerwear.

Prices must be INCLUSIVE of postage and packaging.
You can sell as many items as you like, and you can list small bundles too (see our Seller's FAQs). But wherever possible please list items separately - it gives shoppers more choice!

Wash your clothes ready for step 2...

2. Take your photos

You must include a clear, representative picture of each item – front, back and any details or labels you wish to show. We recommend taking a photo of the care and composition label if possible! If there are any small tears, marks or imperfections, please photograph them clearly.

We recommend you take your pictures portrait – as you would on your mobile. This is how the images configure on our marketplace. We also understand that people also feel differently about sharing pictures of their children online so to make it easy for everyone we have a blanket rule – we don't allow brand stock photos or photos of children.

Check out the video below with our top five tips to get the most out of your photography!

3. Create your listing

Click on "sell" and add the item information. Remember to read up on our house rules in the FAQs.
Be as descriptive and detailed as possible.
Upload your photos.
Click publish.
Your listing is live, woo!

4. Selling and sending your items

Someone wants to buy your item? Feels good, doesn't it?!
First you'll need to view the order request and accept the purchase. Once you click accept, it's a done deal! If you don't accept within 7 days the buyer will be automatically refunded and the purchase cancelled.
Here at dotte we take 15% commission per transaction, meaning you get to keep 85% of the profits! Find out more about our fees here.

Once you've accepted, please package up your item neatly. For that major wow factor (and green creds!) order your dotte packaging here. We recommend sending your items tracked using My Hermes to- the majority of the time they're cheaper! Or failing that, Royal Mail.

Find weight and size pricing for both here.


Enjoy that well earned space and cash

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we believe that the whole lifecycle of clothing, from production to buying, wearing to recycling,
should be a source of happiness and care, reducing the impact of fashion on our planet.

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