Pro-seller service

Easily make money from your kid's outgrown clothes


Want some extra wardrobe space and cash?
All from doing absolutely nothing?

Re-selling your kids’ clothes is a planet-friendly way to clear out the clutter AND it’s a great way to earn a little extra pocket money.

Our Pro-seller Service is for people who want to re-sell their kids’ clothes, but don't have the time to do it.

Pro-sellers are some of the most creative and experienced sellers on dotte, and they're ready to take your kids clothes off your hands, and do all the hard work for you!

How does the Pro-seller service work?


Browse our list of Pro-sellers, and choose the dotter that sounds like a good fit for you.


Once you've matched with your chosen Pro, bag up those clothes and send them!


Sit back and relax! The Pro will choose the items they want to sell, then style them, photograph them, and get them listed for thousands of buyers to see! They can donate or recycle anything that's not suitable for resale - or send them back to you.


Cha-ching! At the end of the month, you'll get your dotte pay check. You get 40% of the profit from all sales made, from the comfort of your sofa.


You now have the money to re-invest in kid's clothes on dotte (or fund that coffee addiction!)


Why resell with dotte?

It’s a great way to earn extra money. An average seller on dotte earns over £100, but some of our top sellers earn thousands.

Save the planet - by reselling just one item of clothing you’ll save enough water to shower your family for a week.

You’ll also be lowering the carbon footprint of your little one’s wardrobe by being part of the circular economy - together we can make a difference!

It brings genuine joy! Who doesn’t want to see a family favourite loved again (and again) by another child?

Frequently asked questions

What should I send to the Pro-seller?

Any outgrown or no longer needed kidswear (including clothes, shoes and style accessories e.g. hats, handbags, scarves).

Our general recommendations are:
1. Store out of season clothes at home, then send them to the Pro-seller at a more suitable time (e.g don't send winter coats in May!).
2. Primark and supermarket brands don't tend to hold their value enough for resale (generally speaking). You might want to donate these instead. But check with your Pro as some do sell!

How much stock can I send?

This must be agreed before you send your stock to your Pro-Seller as they may have limits on their capacity. So, if you say you’ll post 50 items, and send 100, they are within their rights to send the surplus stock back to you, at your cost.

Do I need to sort through the clothes before sending them in?

All of our Pro-sellers are happy to sort through your outgrown kids clothes for you. They can even donate items that aren’t suitable for resale to charity on your behalf. But if you’d prefer to sort the clothes first and send in a smaller parcel of items you think are suitable for resale, that’s ok too. Just discuss it with your Pro and if you’re still not sure, contact us.

Will the Pro-seller sell everything I send them?

Not necessarily. Pro-sellers have the right to sort the clothing they get sent, and choose which items they think are resellable and fit with their shop curation.

What happens to clothes the Pro-seller deems unsuitable for resale?

The Pro-seller will be in touch to ask if you would like the items to be donated to charity on your behalf, recycled, or if you want them posted back to you (at your own cost).

What about clothes that are damaged or totally worn out?

You can send these to the Pro-seller too, and they can recycle them for you. Or you can order our donate + recycle scheme bags. Simply fill them up with items you know won’t resell, and we’ll do the rest. You can learn more about our donate + recycle scheme here.