What % of investment went to female founders last year?

Just 2% of Venture Capital investment went to female founders last year...Shocked? We were! Our co-founders Louise and Sam dig a little deeper into the gender investment gap, why women make fantastic investors and how the tides are turning.

Women who partnered with men faired a little better, getting 16% of VC investment overall. Hmf. But the remaining 92%??  It went to all-male led businesses.

This seems even more surprising given that female ventures actually outperform male-led ventures. Startups with women founders and women in the C-suite go on to raise millions more than their all-male counterparts, and companies with a female founder perform 63% better than start-ups with all-male founding teams.

One of the main ways to get more money behind more women, is to get more women into investing!

Women VC's are twice as likely to invest in female founders. However, only 4.9% of VC partners are female, while only 10% of senior roles in private equity are held by women. This is despite the fact that, similar to female founders, female investors also outperform their male counterparts.

What makes women fantastic investors?

Research shows women consider their investments more carefully, and tend to be in it for the longer term. Less volatile buy, sell, buy, sell. For women it tends to be more about staying the course for long term gains, from companies they are confident in.

Here at dotte our community make us. And 98% of you are women. We are a business built by women, led by women, and clearly solving an issue more felt by WOMEN.

The gender investment gap is particularly evident for consumer facing brands, like us.

It's not exactly clear why, but some think it might be because women are still the main decision maker when it comes to so many of our purchases. Like buying the kids clothes, right? Who buys the kids' clothes in your household? Your friends' households?  Yes, we thought so.

However, the tides are beginning to turn!

Platforms like Seedrs and Juno are making investment more accessible to everyone. And that brings us to you.

Here at dotte our community make us. And 98% of you are women. We are a business built by women, led by women, and clearly solving an issue more felt by WOMEN.

That is why we are so passionate about opening up this investment opportunity to you.

If you are passionate about dotte and our mission, then now is the time to invest. You can invest as little as £10.

Here's to changing the investment landscape.

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Louise & Sam

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