Making every stitch count... Movers + Shakers

Give it up for the movers + shakers in the textile game. We're featuring some awesome brands (for us grown ups!) that are making every stitch count. Gold stars for their use of innovative materials, conscious supply chains and circularity throughout their brands! Go check them out ⬇️


Scientists say that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish - eesh! Tackling plastic pollution head on, THE RE-PETE PROJECT creates anoraks made entirely out of single use plastic waste, and every piece is designed to be 100% recyclable. So at the end of each garment's long life, it can be broken down, rewoven and remade like new - never ending in landfill and actively preventing plastic from landing in our oceans. High five for circularity!

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Organic Basics

Home to the best sustainable and renewable basicwear, one game changing feature to Organic Basics that we're shouting about is Polygiene, a recycled silver salt treatment applied to their activewear range, designed to keep clothes fresher for longer. That's at least one less load of washing - imagine that! Polygiene works by stopping the growth of odor causing bacteria on the fabric, and when it's time to give your clothes a freshen up, Polygiene has no harmful effect on the environment when washing!

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During the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, 72% of fashion brand buyers refused to pay for raw materials that had already been ordered and paid for by the factories. Doing what they can to help those garment factories with huge volumes of unused fabrics, TOBEFRANK stepped in with their RUBBISH RANGE; a collection of apparel made using those abandoned fibres. Amazing stuff! Their founder Frankie Phillips sums TOBEFRANK up as "Commitment to do good with fashion as the tool".

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Commitment to do good with fashion as the tool.


Our co-founder Louise calls them "the comfiest shoes ever!" but that's not all from Allbirds. Alongside their use of responsibly sourced materials throughout their shoe production, Allbirds take accountability that even as a "sustainable" brand, they're still polluting the planet. They're committed to offsetting their carbon footprint, by investing in projects like regenerative farming and wind turbines, neutralising their footprint and supporting local communities.

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Stripe & Stare

Everyone wears them, but when you think of circularity, knickers don't often spring to mind. Stripe & Stare are changing that outlook, making knickers that grow on trees - quite literally! Made from TENCEL, a soft and natural fibre made from renewable wood pulp, Stripe & Stare knickers combat the issue of the knicker after-life (what are we meant to do with old pants?) with 95% biodegradable underwear. They're developing 100% biodegradable underwear for 2021 - woohoo!

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With circularity running through everything they do, Rapanui's lifelong mission is to make clothing sustainable. Dedicated to spreading their mindset across the industry, Rapanui launched TeeMill, a platform where others can apply their same sustainable practices to their own apparel brands, with access to the Rapanui supply chain and tech. Rapanui encourage teaming up, teaching others and growing together, and we totally love what they're doing!

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Created from the principle that we already have all the materials we need on the planet, GNGR Bees reclaims what was once labelled as waste, transforming it into activewear. Like their leggings, made from reclaimed waste fishing nets...We all saw Seaspiracy right? For GNGR Bees, there was no reason to create something new, unless it was made to challenge everything that already existed and to set a new standard in the sustainable world.

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