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We were lucky enough to catch-up with Bárbara Perino, entrepreneur extraordinaire and founder of the fabulous Lemon magazine, the ultimate destination for modern mums and dads! Barbara gave us the lowdown on why she created Lemon and how, as parents, we can become more eco-conscious with ease.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Hi! Well, I’m a dreamer that believes in the power of thinking and the universe! I’m half Mozambican and half Portuguese and true to my roots. I lived in Lisbon until I was 18 then moved to the UK to study business. After that, and being a city girl, I moved to a remote beach in Mozambique, Tofo beach. I had my babies there, Zion and Africa, built a beach hotel, and now I live between that beach and Lisbon.

Meet Bárbara, entrepreneur and founder of Lemon Magazine

How and why did Lemon start?

The main reason I moved back to Europe was the dream that I had of starting a fashion magazine. Since I was very small I collected Vogue and dreamed of one day being able to free my creativity into something that could inspire others. After having my kids I started to become crazy about children's fashion, it's an infinite world of wonder, and that's why I decided that the market needed not just a kid's magazine but a tool that talked to “modern motherhood". And Lemon was born.

Describe Lemon magazine in 3 words…

Love, dream, disruptive

Beautiful shots from Lemon Magazine

Do you have a favourite past issue, and why?

Well, that's difficult to think of one, but I do have extra love for the first issue and for our 2020 summer issue, with a photograph by Isabel Pinto in Cape Town.

Educate your kids to live a conscious life for their future, for the future of the planet, for the future of others

What's in store for Lemon's future?

We will keep talking to modern mums and dads, alongside a few other projects that are in the oven... ;)

Lemon Magazine digital issue is free to read

How important is sustainability and circular fashion to the Lemon community?

Of course that we are a fashion magazine, we have pretty things in our pages every season, but we speak to a public that is awake and aware of the world we live in and the importance of conscious buying, re-using and passing on a green message. So yes, it is very important for us, and we always support projects that are sustainable and circular.

And finally, how can parents make small changes to try and be more eco-conscious with ease?

Well, first be conscious when buying, be informed and know what you are buying, who is making the product and how it gets to you. Second, re-use as much as you can, it easy and with a little bit of creativity we can make our kids clothes reborn into something trendy again. Third... they are kids so they want to be comfortable and to be honest and from my experience they always put on the same things. And finally, and most important, educate your kids to live a conscious life for their future, for the future of the planet, for the future of others and to look around... bubbles and small thinking is very last week.

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Beautiful shots from Lemon Magazine

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