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Zig + Star’s mission as a brand is to design shoes that can take you anywhere, will last you longer and are good for your feet and the planet. With unisex styles in cool colours, not only will you love their shoes, but your kid’s will be able to wear them for as long as possible, and pass them on (via dotte!)

Here at dotte we work with progressive brands as their exclusive resale partner. All of the brands we work with are on a committed journey to produce more sustainable and ethical clothing.

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and another thing...

when you sell your Zig + Star clothing on dotte, you’ll get £5 credit to spend on their new shoes.

Win for you, win for the planet!

Why resell with dotte?


Reselling your gorgeous outgrown pieces is one of the most effective ways you can reduce your fashion carbon footprint and have a bigger impact on the planet.

We make this easy!

Reach thousands of buyers looking to purchase the brands you love. Listing your little one's outgrown clothes on dotte is free, quick and easy. Plus you pay just 15% commission when you make a sale!

Make money. Save the planet. Feel great.

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the dotte commitment

we believe that the whole lifecycle of clothing, from production to buying, wearing to recycling, should be a source of happiness and care, reducing the impact of fashion on our planet.

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