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how it works

1. order

Buy your dotte donate + recycle bags here.

2. pack

Fill the recycle bag with clothes that are damaged, ripped or covered in stains - your most over-loved items. Fill the donate bag with clothes that can be given another life (think well-worn, but not damaged).

3. send

Simply send the bags back to us via Royal Mail at dotte, Mainyard Studio, 102 Rookery Ct, London E10 5FA. Et voila. Your items will find lovely new homes or be recycled into really exciting things (like car seat padding!).

4. give yourself a high five!

Feel good about being ace and helping save our planet.

reduce. reuse. recycle. rethink.

buy your donate + recycle bags

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the dotte commitment

we believe that the whole lifecycle of clothing, from production to buying, wearing to recycling, should be a source of happiness and care, reducing the impact of fashion on our planet.