Customer Protection Scheme

Our Customer Protection Schemes make sure you can buy and sell to your heart's content without having to worry about anything - we’ve got your back.

Buyer protection scheme

Under our Buyer Protection Schemes you are guaranteed a full refund if your item doesn’t arrive, if it’s significantly not as described, or if the item was not available at the time of your purchase (i.e. the seller had sold it elsewhere but not updated the listing).

In order to be covered by our Buyer Protection Scheme you must purchase children’s clothing via the dotte marketplace using the ‘buy now’ button and report any issues to us within 90 days.

You are not covered by the Buyer Protection Scheme if:

The purchase wasn’t made using the ‘buy now’ button

The purchase wasn’t made on the dotte marketplace (e.g. in person transactions)

Your purchase wasn’t children’s clothing or footwear (e.g. pushchairs or event tickets)

Items are not as expected, but are as described

Items arrive later than expected

You changed your mind about the purchase (you can always just resell it though!)

You made a return to a seller without providing tracking information (and keeping proof of postage and delivery)

Seller protection scheme

Under our Seller Protection Scheme you will be protected against any disputes or chargebacks.

You are covered under dotte’s Seller Protection Scheme if you:

Sell children’s clothing via the dotte marketplace using the ‘start selling’ button

Dispatch the order to the shipping address provided by the buyer

Send your item using tracked postage that confirms the delivery to the buyers address (and keep proof of postage and delivery - this is the only evidence we are able to accept)

Dispatch the item within 14 days of purchase and mark the item as dispatched on the dotte marketplace within this period (including tracking information)

Respond to dotte within any given timeframes

Described the item accurately (including representative photos), but the buyer changed their mind

You are not covered by our Seller Protection Scheme if you sold the item outside of the dotte marketplace (e.g. in person).