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We're helping to extend the lifespan of children's clothing by teaming up with some of your favourite independent and high street brands, including M&S
At dotte we believe that if you're going to buy new, buy well. The quality brands in our resale collective produce gorgeous clothes that stand the test of time – ready to be passed on from your family to the next (and the next!) By teaming up, we'll also be rewarding you for selling these amazing brands second hand with us.

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The progressive brands that make up our resale collective are passionate about becoming more circular, reducing waste and ultimately minimising the impact of fast fashion.
We're working with some of the UK's leading kidswear retailers to encourage as many families as possible to join the resale movement! By supporting retailers to transition to more circular business models, we can have a bigger impact on the planet.

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we're committed to a more sustainable future

As a collective we believe the whole lifecycle of clothing, from production to buying, wearing to recycling, should be a source of happiness and care. All our partner brands are committed to creating sustainably made clothes designed to last. You'll find some of the attributes we use to select our resale collective partners listed below.

Seasonless collections

to be enjoyed and reworn all year round.

Gender neutral clothes

to be passed down from family to family.

Use of GOTS Cotton

Organic cotton is pesticide free and requires less water.

Responsible materials

natural or biodegradable or created in a closed loop process.

Reduced carbon footprint

by careful selection of suppliers & production facilities.

Eco-friendly packaging

which can be reused and recycled.

Creating garments

that grow with your child or can be used for many occasions.

Putting people and planet

at the heart of their brand to give back to those in need.

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