welcome to the
infinite line

Like most, we’ve been aware of fast fashion and it’s environmental impact for some time. But after having children our co-founders Louise and Sam were both overwhelmed by how quickly their kids were growing out of clothes – and how few truly accessible (and circular) options there were for selling them on. And while shopping secondhand for themselves was easy, when it came to their kids it just didn't work. Too much time. Too much effort. Not enough choice. Right?

Well, we're on a mission to change all that. We are opening up thousands of children's wardrobes on our family-to-family marketplace. A simple one-stop-shop where parents can buy, sell, donate and recycle outgrown children's clothing. A full circle remedy to the fastest area of fashion. And with our curated edits, brand partnerships and style discovery, we make shopping secondhand feel like new.


dotte is more than a marketplace – we are a movement that won’t accept style at the cost of the planet. A full circle remedy to fast fashion, a force for good. We go beyond peer-to-peer buying and selling by offering our community donation and recycling options too. We believe that together we can make secondhand second nature, slow fashion down, make every stitch count, love every fibre of the fabric. We invite you all to join us on the journey.

our values

Our values are the heartbeat of our brand and echo through every area of our work.

Be invested in the journey.

We are facing a global climate emergency and whilst we know the road ahead will be full of twists and turns, dotte is fully invested in the journey.

Be you.

dotte is authentic and supportive. We encourage our community and our colleagues to be true to themselves – individuality and self-expression are core to our mission.

Be open to discovery.

We are fuelled by discovery. A shopping experience beyond high street and habit, dotte will open the door to discovery for you and your family.

Be a force together.

We collaborate, we listen and we ask for help. We believe in honesty and transparency, leading by example and practicing what we preach.

Be kind.

We believe that the whole lifecycle of clothing, from production to buying to recycling, should be a source of joy and care, reducing the global impact of fashion.

Be free.

Many say the future of fashion is circular, but we say it’s an infinite line. We’re liberating you to join us on our squiggly, wiggly path to a more sustainable future.

what we stand for

We're upfront and honest about all of our sustainability efforts. We may not have all the solutions right now, but we truly believe that together we can make a difference. This means being open and honest with our community every step of the way. We're determined to be part of the change and help slow down the fastest area of fashion. Find out more about our mission, check out our short video below!

the dotte commitment

we believe that the whole lifecycle of clothing, from production to buying, wearing to recycling, should be a source of happiness and care, reducing the impact of fashion on our planet.